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A Dark Opera! - 85%

Soldier_of_Christ, May 11th, 2009

At first I did not know what to make of this album. But it kept haunting me. The first song, “The Whore, The Cook and The Mother” is a dark voyage on its own. Let alone the rest of the album. You might find yourself repeating this song over and over again on your playlist. Needless to say, the music is very mysterious, the lyrics are erotic and it keeps on rolling and rolling over and over again for the first few minutes and then suddenly there is a total breakdown and it just gets more and more mysterious as some sort of hypnotherapy can be heard in the background. It ends with a “fuck you!” and then the song returns back to something I guess you could call a “normal state”.

The rest of the album is also very unique and neatly done. “Heroin Chic” contains some very chaotic sound and lyrics that irritated me first, but later I realized that this song is quite a masterpiece, as it makes you aware of the maddening effect of heroin. “The stance of Evander Sinque”, “Apocalypse Woman”, “Der Uberlebende”, “Base Level Erotica” and “Under Your Wings and Into My Arms” are all very unique in their own way, as each one of them attributes a deep, dark gothic and doom type of sound to make this album one of the best gothic \ doom metal albums I’ve ever heard. What also amazed me, was the way the lyrics of “The stance of Evander Sinque” was written – it tells a story of an anti-hero type of guy and what makes it so unique, is the fact that the story ends in a tragic, dark humorous kind of way. The music on this song also sounds like some sort of death march and it is as if you can feel the Angel of Death approaching to take poor Evander Sinque away from his miserable life on earth.

The whole album’s lyrical content is a mixture of erotic material and dark, sinister philosophy that keeps on repeating over and over in your head. What is so brilliant is the way in which the music complements the lyrical content. Each song has a very unique intro and it is as if the intro prepares the listener for the dark opera that is soon to follow.

This album is a coherent work of art that does not contain seven songs, but seven dark operas that will enlighten the human mind!