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Not Bad, But Not Good Either - 65%

FatalStrike, June 26th, 2003

This album is a mixed bag. There are a few great songs, a couple mediocre ones, and a few horrible ones. The band has pretty much shedded it's raw and uncompremising sound in favor of a more commercially acceptable album, if that term can even apply to Motorhead.
The cd opens with Stand, at first you might think this is gonna be a killer opener, and for the first minutes that's true. But then second and third minute pretty much involve the same riffs and vocals over and over, Lemmy probably says "stand" over fifty times. It's probably Motorhead's happiest song though.
Next is their cover of Ted Nugent's Cat Sratch Fever. Great song, they actually were able to rework the song and gave it a nice crunch. One of the better covers of this song that I've heard.
Bad Religion is an alright song, but it suffers from the same repetition that plauges most of this album. Lemmy's vocals sound great on this song.
Jack the Ripper is one of the better songs on the album. It has a great pace to it, and some good riffs. Also some killer leads are to be found on this one.
Next is I Ain't no Nice Guy, Hmm... Lemmy + Ozzy + Ballad = horrible horrible idea. All I can say is "Meh!"
Hellraiser is next, yes the same Hellraiser that appears on Ozzy's No More Tears Album, Lemmy helped write it, and this is his version, and it sounds awesome. It completely destroys Ozzy's version. Also, this is one of the better songs to be found here.
Asylum Choir is another great song. Good pace to it, and some nice riff ideas. The vocals and leads are also above average for this album.
Too Good To Be True, is probably the most commercially driven album after the horrible ballad. It has the speed of a song like Asylum Choir, but the vocals and leads are pussified.
You Better Run, if I hear this damn riff again it'll be too soon. It's bluesy, if you like that you'll like this. Blues is great, but everyone and thier mom has driven this riff into the ground.
Name in Vain is another killer song in the vein of Asylum Choir, sounds the most like the rest of Motorhead's back catalouge.
And finally the title track. This seems to be the only son die-hard fans of Motorhead seem to enjoy off this album. I have no idea why. It is a boring riff played over and over again for four and a half minutes with Lemmy croaking out some words. There's a little variation towards the middle, but in my opinion this song is just as bad as the ballad. Incredibly boring.
Well this is definently one of Motorhead's weakest releases. It appeared to be an uninspired attempt to garner some mainstream attention. There a few great tracks to be found though, so don't ignore this one.