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Manhood rules - 78%

Genzel, May 12th, 2010

Lemmy and the band plays for my knowledge hard rock mainly. The mainstream sound of the first Motörhead releases play for nothing particular concept. The latter stuff focuses more of the phantom illusions that psycho minds and talented artists create. The No More Tears with Ozzman is another example of the multitalent and complex Mr. Lemmy. The Motörhead stuff is about personal demons, women and drugs. When one of those matters are haunting you, you just need this album.

Ace of spades is a fast scyther where the ego of Mr. Kilmister is blown as big as the Jupiter itself. The power melodies are based on pure rock and personal voice by Kilmister. The shifty waves of the opener and Talking Head really fires up the listener. And they better watch out, because they are in for a rough ride. The propagandic Dancing On Your Grave is another personal favourite. Overkill leaps for something weird, but is cut tad too short to provoce any brain orgasms. Talkin Head heads for destruction, and on a mental note it kinda delivers actually good (pure mad) guitar solo.

The grumbling of Lemmy is like a gorilla with a microphone. Now, I mean that the album has natural power in it. Although I prefer for the later stuff like Inferno this is where Mr. Lemmy started his musical career which prefers rock and dismisses pop hooks. The sound and songs snatch kinda nicely to your ears and thats what you need if you want to become totally deaf before the age of 30. Listening this kind of music is best in the sunny mornings and totally depressing in the rainy nights. Prefer this, I do. You know this is a fun little drive, althought I had the gut instinct telling me that it just wasn't that good if you know what I mean.