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The beginning of destruction. - 90%

overkill666, February 27th, 2009

This is an early Mortician release, and after hearing their later stuff you can hear the apparent difference. This release is a lot more raw, but just as brutal as ever. Most people who have heard Mortician can pridefully say they have heard 'Zombie Apocalypse', and their works like that. This would be the first Mortician album I would suggest you check out, it is their first full length without their real drummer.

What can you gain from hearing this album? Well, if you're a fan of grindcore influenced death metal, a lot. This album is filled with down tuned guitar lines, which don't carry much variation. Even so, they are simple and heavy, which is always entertaining. The bass isn't as over the top on this album as it is on later Mortician albums. It is audible, but no where near the top of the mix. I wish it was pushed up just a tad more. The drums are programmed well, and are not on the top of the mix. They aren't too loud, or inhumanly fast. I really like the drum programming on this album. The vocals are Rahmer's special grunts, which happen to be really low, brutal grunts. I haven't heard many vocalists do death grunts as low as Rahmer does his.

The other really cool thing about this album are the two cover songs. I really find it cool that Mortician would cover a Celtic Frost song, specifically 'Procreation of the Wicked'. This is the heaviest Celtic Frost cover I have ever heard in my life. The down tuning makes it sound very brutal. The second cover song is 'Scum' by Napalm Death, in their grindcore days. This song is a perfect cover for Mortician, especially the bass introduction. These two covers are done very well, and I enjoy listening to them a lot.

'House by the Cemetery' the beginning to me favorite era of Mortician. This album is filled with down tuned, brutal music that will satisfy any fan of the extreme. I know Mortician get's a lot of hate, but give this album a shot. Hell, even the cover songs make it worth checking out.