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It's all in good fun you know... - 80%

Snxke, April 4th, 2004

A lot of people seem to have major conflicts with Mortician but I think they are one of the more "fun" death metal bands on the market today. Sure, the lyrics are cobbled together with various well known horror movie images and the the riffs don't shiver with that gothenburger melodic shine but the band is an example of pure "crunch and burn" death metal the "way it once was".

The chunky riffs and horror movie lyrics fit a traditional death metal mold with simple, yet stunningly aggressive riffs creating the chaos around it. I personally love my death metal such as Nunslaughter and Flesheater so this fits perfectly in-between bands like this on my collection. This CD is heavy, armed with one of the most viscous voices in death metal and fun as watching a good 80's Slasher flick.

Pick it up...