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Unbelievably evil - 95%

Noktorn, November 18th, 2008

This is the only Mortician release that really manages to give 'Hacked Up For Barbecue' a run for its money. It goes about its immense quality in a different way; 'Hacked Up For Barbecue' has its almost shockingly morbid atmosphere whereas this relies more on its core of filthy brutality to get its point across. It lacks subtlety (even moreso that Mortician usually does), but at no other point did Mortician sound as raw and horrifying as they did here.

The production is very raw, heavy, and noisy, and has a seething quality to it that makes your skin crawl. A particularly cheap and trashy drum machine is used, which oddly enough works, especially with the very strange, pulsing kick sample which adds an even greater industrial edge than usual. The guitar tone is enormous, disgusting, and all over the music, while the growling bass lurks under it as though it's going to spring out at any moment. As you can tell, it's a masterpiece from an aesthetic standpoint, and as Mortician doesn't change, the aesthetics are perhaps the most important quality. Needless to say, the production or lack thereof does wonders for this CD.

It's notable that on this release, literally every track features at least one slow section, and most of the songs are completely low tempo. There's a surprisingly small amount of blasting on this CD, which for a fan like me who's always thought that Mortician's chug and groove stuff was better than the blasting, is absolutely phenomenal. The music on this EP is nothing but groove after predatory groove. They even play around with off-kilter rhythms occasionally, like on 'Driller Killer', adding an even stranger edge to already alien music. The content isn't substantially different from regular Mortician except in the emphasis on low tempos, so it won't change any minds, but it's immense for fans.

This is almost unbelievably ugly music, feeling maybe the filthiest that Mortician's ever been. It's strange to me that this EP gets more approval than just about anything else in the Mortician catalog, considering what seems to me to be a particularly inaccessible style when compared to their later works, but I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, it's excellent and you should most certainly get it.