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My Ears Are Bleeding! - 36%

FrayedEndsOfSanity39, September 26th, 2004

A poor example of brutal death metal and grind. Instead of buying this CD, go purchase a horror movie. Tracks 1, 3-5, 8, 9, all begin with audio clips from various movie scenes. It's not just a little intro either, the bullshit runs on for like a minute into each track. The songs are short to begin with, so it leaves about thirty seconds of actual "music" per track. Roge Beaujard isn't bad on the guitar. He plays descent fast death metal, comparable to old Cannibal Corpse, but heavier. On the other hand, Will Rahmer's vocals are terrible. He uses too much distortion. I like gnarly death metal vocals, but that manipulated rumbling is pestering to my ears. It sounds like either a dog with a soar throat barking, or perhaps noise emitted by a constipated guy on the toilet. The vocals get repetitive, as does the entire album. There's more movie quotes than actual music!
The percussion isn't great, fast typical death drumming, programmed by Beujard. The best track is 6, Procreation, fast and deadly. But it's not even their own work, it's a Celtic Frost cover. The song runs four minutes, none of their other songs top two and a half. Track 7, Scum, is a Napalm Death cover, yet 6 is still the only I can tolerate. The remaining songs just blend into a steady aggravating rumble / gurgling sound. The problem with Mortician and some other brutal death bands are they just try to see who can be the heaviest, and it ends up sounding like cacophony. This album(considered by some as Mortician's best) sounds like pure shit, one of the worst I’ve ever heard.
In conclusion, keep a safe distance from this lame cd. It will make your ears gush out blood. There's a lot better death metal out there. If they cut the distortion and eliminated those stupid movie quotes(or at least kept it at one or two), the cd would've been a little better. Then again, it would only run about 15 minutes for ten tracks in their absence. What a better way than to fill the gap than with some cheesy psycho movie clips. Procreation is the only good song, but it's a cover.... Anyway there's not much more to say about their music, since there's very little of it, and it's mostly undistinguishable. So, if you encounter House By The Cemetery while shopping, don't be fooled by its attractive cover, just keep moving along.