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Their best, and that's not saying much. - 70%

Black_Metal_Bastard, September 17th, 2003

Mortician is a band that you either love or hate, and as for me, I pretty much hate them, but this EP isn't all that bad. It actually has some death metal influence in it, although you may not be able to tell with all the chaos going on around you.

The horror movie clips are pretty enjoyable, and I do find that the guitars are somewhat decent on this. The drum machine though, that has to be stopped. It is so awful sounding that it could wake someone from the grave, or is that their intention?

Driller Killer is an alright song, as is House By The Cemetary, and maybe one or two more, but since they mostly sound the same, I can't remember what they are. The song lengths also don't do much to help them out, as they are usually a minute or less, sometimes about 2 minutes, but you'd never know, seeing as how it all seems to flow together (in a bad way of course).

Overall if you like Mortician, just get this and be done. Their full lengths are just too.... long and boring! My mind wanders off at about track 10 on their full lengths, especially on Domain of Death, which I feel is the epitome of suckiness. Ahh, the horror indeed.