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What's with the term "sludge"? - 95%

angryteng, August 27th, 2011

To call Morne just another sludge band really does not do them justice. Actually, they go far beyond the borders of "traditional" sludge, as most good bands in this genre tend to do.

But in contrast to Mastodon, who mix in American college melodies - which always are inappropriate - in order to please the listener, Morne manage to go at it with a much more serious attitude. Mixing in violins reminiscent a little of Neurosis (but even more so of My Dying Bride), crust-influenced parts as well as real oldschool hardcore parts, they seem to be a very honest version of a "progressive crust hardcore" band rather than a mere sludge outfit.

To highlight any single song in particular is something only patchy albums require, and "Untold Wait" is worth to be consumed as a hole. It builds up quite the melancholic atmosphere, but does so with an energy that lets all despaired rejoice in the end.

Really worthwhile...