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If the crown had five points, then maybe - 78%

Gutterscream, October 14th, 2008

" me from what's left to be, the tartness of my death..."

Of the death metal that leaked like magma from the chasm of '89 and quickly hardened into the genre's original stalagmites, Germany's Morgoth and their debut ep is the protrusion way back in the gulch obscured by the hanging dust created by the constant chipping away of the monuments near the entrance - yer Consuming Impulses, Slowly We Rots, Altars of Madnesses, and Leprosys, basically considered the four points of the pre-'90s, don't-mistake-it-for-merely-more-acerbic-thrash dm crown. Hell, I'm surprised there aren't just four nubs in the ground you'd barely lose footing on now, but as it turns out these formations are made of stuff that can take one heck of a beating. It's only natural to throw wreaths around what we know, but this five song stop n' stomp ain't one of 'em. But every once in a while someone gets bored with the standard tour and steps over the sooty velvet ropes to sneak beyond the well worn path, thereby passing the early stone tablets of Bolt Thrower, the glut of deathrash demo debris too small and crushed into the cavern floor to get a handle on, and maybe even Earache's bony ridge of grind. It's then they may twist an ankle on Resurrection Absurd.

Engraved upon this thing is the sound of Death, landing squarely between a slightly less claustrophobic Scream Bloody Gore and newlywed Leprosy, mirroring the Floridians' crude rhythmic blasts during the quick and menacing grumble during the slow, and all the while the throatsear of Marc Grewe parallels Evil Chuck almost spot on. No real surprise Scott Burns is behind the board at Morrisound, at least not after hearing the product's final excavation. The only thing this may have on either Death album, and it's a small thing indeed, is "The Afterthought", an instrumental that at an odd angle barely scurries into the progressive, found during the quasi-ghostly, chime-like solo that's almost not there, otherwise we're in for a few breakdowns surrounded by normal blast beats.

So why this ep hasn't been stitched onto a battle standard isn't really much of a conundrum. Considering all the aforementioned bands, save perhaps Obituary, had already been out and about with either a slew of demos or a regular release under an established or semi-established name, it's quite natural Morgoth wouldn't be milling freely around the throne room, plus I wonder how many of the small number hearing this for the first time thought it was Death. And Obituary claimed their own plot of diseased mud in the land of death metal finesse (?) to be dubbed worthy.

Promising - 80%

morbert, May 7th, 2007

A promising new young band from Germany with 5 songs of juvenile and over-enthusiastic death metal. Hah, weren’t practically all death metal bands like that in 1989? Their first demo (‘Pits of Utumno’) had a bit of a poor sound but this one proved to be a step forward, although still nothing more than a decent sound. Eventually Century Media released these recordings as an EP.

The song quality varies from decent to superb. Although the latter qualification would only fit the song ‘Selected Killing’. This song has a very eerie intro with soundeffects before thundering into uptempo raging death metal with a simple but harmonic riff and followed by Crewe’s best vocal effort on this record. In the middle of the song the intro is revisited and extended, resulting in one of the best and most frightening death metal songs ever to have come from Germany. What a great composition. This song alone is reason enough to get your hands on this EP, honoustly!
Furthermore ‘Dictated Deliverance’ and ‘Lies Of Distrust’ are two of the better songs.