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Rebelling against the church since '86! - 90%

Ck_Raging_Violence, June 2nd, 2009

Morbid Angel are now one of the biggest death metal bands around, so I enjoy listening to early demos such as this one when they were yet to experience widespread popularity. Scream Forth Blasphemies is their first demo if I'm not mistaken, and it kills!

Those who are into clean production like the new Morbid Angel releases, be warned, this demo is as raw as uncooked steak (hooray for terrible humour!), but still, all the instruments are audible, if pretty muffled. Anyway I'm not one to go into detail about production, especially as this release is a demo and clean production is never usually a feature of such releases.

Chapel Of Ghouls is the first song here, and it sounds very, very violent. the churning mid-paced verses along with Mike Browning's screams and growls which sound a lot like a fucked-up ugly twin of Dave Mustaine. This is a great prototype version of a song that was song that was soon to become a masterpiece on the godly Altars Of Madness.

Unholy Blasphemies is another song worth mentioning. This time I believe that David Vincent takes on vocal duties. This is another great song that was again featured on their debut studio demo Abominations Of Desolation.

All the 4 songs here are some killer pieces of manic death/thrash. Something I forgot to mention before are Trey Azagthoth's riffs and solos, which sound as evil and as impressive as any of their full-length releases.

You really couldn't get much more brutal and evil than this in '86. This is generally an awesome release that shows competent musicianship and a fucking evil atmosphere, which are things you don't usually find on demos. Hunt this shit down, because although you can find all the songs here on the later-released Abominations Of Desolation, they sound a lot more nasty and killer here.

Run and hide, for ghouls will attack your church and crush your holy priest.