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Very good second effort - 85%

Benign_Hypocrite, October 10th, 2004

Here is the second album of this Viking Metal band.After the awesome debut “Suden Uni”,Moonsorrow release this second album with the name “Voimasta Ja Kunniasta”.Yes another strange Finnish name!But their language is absolutely fitted with their music and the lyrical themes.

The first song here is an introduction for the second and for the whole album actually.This intro with the name “Tyven” contains a piano melody that makes you enter into the world of Moonsorrow.This magical and epic world.

The second song bursts out as soon as the intro is finished.This song starts very epically,you hear a whinny of a horse and the guitar riff takes on the rhythm of the music.The keyboards are still here to give more essence to the whole atmosphere and I can say that they work very good on this.In the first minutes of this song you hear also the rhythm and riff changes.Moreover the screams of the singer are perfect,they introduce you perfectly to the song.The vocals are still brutal and blackish here but the music has something of this folk thing and the chor plays important role here too.There are some beautiful melodic parts here and sudden changes.From melody to powerful epic metal.I think that this song is a testament for Moonsorrow and shows that this band will have a great future.

In the third song,we here the swords clanging in the start and the cry of the singer.Very epic stuff here!The pounding of drums and the production of the drum sound is very good and fits with the whole epic souns of the music.The acoustic guitar makes much job in the music and gives more atmosphere.The black metal influences on the vocals are clear too.Sure Moonsorrow liked Bathory.The third song is more brutal and powreful than the second.But there is here too this epic character and scent.The folk music also does its apperance to this beautiful song.However toughness remain in the song.

And now we are in the fourth track and maybe my favorite in the album.The name of this song is “Hiidenpelto”,the song starts with the pounding of drums and a quit guitar melody,continues with the sound of the acoustic guitar and after a little bit the riff bursts out of the scene.There are many rhythm changes here too,so you wont get bored with the song even if is 9:20 minutes.The choir also is here again and is combined with the bestial vocals of the singer.Great job yeah!The song is absolutely incredible and when is close to the end,the riffs and the drums are just awesome.

Aurinko Ja Kuu is another song that I like very much here.The folk sounds are here in the start of the song but just for a little bit.The guitar and the drums make the appearance fastly!The riff changes are frequent here too.After the first two minutes there is a true epic riff which is just wonderful.In the middle of the song the choir singing blows into and its fucking perfect.True epic thing here.The melodies are excellent and theey fill you with this epic feeling.Its like you’re running in the field of battle with your brothers and fighting with the enemy.With swords and shields of course,no with bombs and other idiots thing which the new goverments use to kill the forceless people!This is man to man!Ok the song is absolutely perfect.I like it very much and I think that you wil love It too.

Sankaritarina is the biggest and the most atmospheric song in the album.From the first minutes of the song you’ll realize this thing.There are many melodic parts with keyboards and many parts that you will hear loud cries of war or the narrator.Ok there is singing there too but the most of the song is built up on the atmosphere.Its something different from the other songs of the album and its very good.

Overall Moonsorrow made again a great epic album.After this is Kivenkantaja and this is album if isnt like Kivenkantaja is very good and I think better from the first.if you like viking metal you must have this album,its perfect.The whole atmosphere the vocals the melodic parts the instruments all are perfect.There are black metal influences here but this album is more epic.Take it.