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Doom Debut Gem - 100%

tracyterrorist, May 29th, 2012

Monads released their first demo Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem in September 2011, although it did not gain as much attention as it rightfully deserved at the time being a self-release (at least outside of Europe), Monads was able to reach out to more listeners and gain more of a following after frontman R. Polon’s appearance at Lifelover’s tribute shows to the passing of their founding member Jonas “B” Bergqvist back in Fall 2011. Although the performances consisted of members of Lifelover, Hypothermia, Trancelike Void & Monads all performing separate instruments and roles for the ceremonies, R. Polon’s intense vocal performance striked a chord of interest to spectators and assisted in the promotion of Monads’ first release to Lifelover fans and fans along the spectrum of similar musical projects.

Intellectus is a well-crafted, depressingly beautiful 54 minute funeral doom demo which in itself outshines most “first demo” releases for new bands kicking off their musical career. I was quite surprised to see that this was not released as a full-length. Production-wise, everything falls into place quite nicely and in comparison ranks up to bands with similar audio structures and sounds such as U.S. funeral doom pioneers Loss and Mournful Congregation from Australia. With that said, there is definitely some influence from one or either of both projects eminent in Monads’ song structures – the haunting and solemn guitar solos which work their way into each song is enough to send chills down one’s spine, followed by being utterly crushed beneath the weight of heavy, crunching guitar tones and patterns of pounding funeral drums once more. Although Monads does not fall into the category of a “traditional” funeral doom band per say (I have seen on several other sources that their sound falls under the category of post-doom although I’m not quite familiar with the term) there are certainly elements of other personal influences on each members behalf, seeing as guitarist H. Cools has previous background work in projects such as Trancelike Void which falls under the category of depressive black metal. These minor elements and different sub-genre of musical backgrounds have influenced a positive effect on the structure of Monads and what they have to offer on the table which is exceptionally striking as a first debut.

Currently, the band still remains unsigned and are releasing their material independently. Labels and distro owners, take note of this.

Written by Tracy for CVLT Nation -