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Have a look at Moloch - 85%

Wargnattallfihrr, April 21st, 2009

"Oh yeah, another Moloch release combining old stuff, which wasn't very good with few new stuff which isn't very good either. Simple sellout."

This is what some might think about "Depression of Surtr" or some other releases from the ukranian band Moloch. Pr. Sergiy, the only band member, is a very acitve attendant of the black metal underground, whose thoughts are far from selling out. I think, he just wants to show the different ways in which Moloch songs can create emotions and atmospheres. I own four releases right now, and the songs on "Traurer" which can be also found here, work in very different ways in the different combinations. I must admit, never having expected that. The other reason for releasing this might be the one Fulgurius poited out in his review, namely opening Moloch's releases to a wider audience.

Moloch's simple structures in riffing are very effective, although some might call them uninspired. The songs found here coming from "A Journey to the Vyrdin" are quite similar to each other, yet intensely consolidated in atmosphere, describing the very circles of hell. Luckily for the listener, the tracks from "Traurer" are the best ones, they show Molochs brilliant times in songwriting and creating fierce black metal. I also like the slow-down cover of "Illa Tidandi", Sergiy combines it with his own way of ambient. The idea of covering "En As I Dype Skogen" only using the keys and synths seems quite strange to me and is nothing I'd recommend to do again.

The only songs I have not commented yet are the new ones. "Gates of Spiritual Vyrdin" from the upcoming release is rather an intro. The other tracks offer solid black metal, which is well executed and contains some nice ideas which will stay in your ears. The song "Echoes of Nidd" however is of outstanding quality. Gently groaning vocals in the background underline a beautiful melody and very atmospheric synths. Although I like Moloch's style of Ambient, this song is by far the best one. Sadly it only lasts for about three minutes.

I recommend this release to everyone who wants to get to know Moloch or another side of their music. Do not believe simplicity means stupidity, because these songs in here are so intense in atmosphere and, as said in the "Traurer" review, honesty that it's hard to deny their quality. This is what Pr. Sergiy is proficient in.