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PBDZ4: Distant and beautiful atmospheric Black Met - 80%

vrag_moj, January 5th, 2010

An odd release that landed in my PO box after an offer from the artist to send some promo material. An offer I cannot decline especially from a new Australian Black Metal artist. Soon I was in possession of this 5-track CDR. Firstly – the music here is not exactly BM, although obviously it is influenced by the more epic and melodic BM such as Ulver and Summoning.

The production is a little muffled, but overall fair which is important because the music here is heavily layered allowing for vast expanses of synth atmosphere to a distant backing of guitar/bass/drum machine. The vocals are varied with huge baritone chants as well as clean and screeched voices.

The effect created is of a distant, dark and mysterious beauty – in fact that’s probably the best way to explain how this sounds – distant and beautiful. The mood is quite dark but not morbid, something that one would attain from contemplating untouched nature rather then the atrocities of man or his imagination. Although the guitars do not seem to play a big role in the sound at the onset, this gradually changes as the disk progresses. Come the last, title track, we get to hear the fascinating buzzing guitar tones used by the artist. As with the synth – these are heavily reverbed and layered creating an impressive sound of trumpets and organ pipes resonating in the digital blackness.

This is a great Atmospheric Black Metal release and hope the artist will produce more for our pleasure.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #4