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Love it! - 99%

raZe, March 13th, 2004

This is maybe the best song from Black Album. From the beautiful spaghetti-western opening (something Jaymz is a very big fan of) to the ending notes, it's a perfect song. Also, the first verse sounds scarily like my life, so it's kind of personal too. There's nothing complicated about the guitars, the drums are just there, and, well, you can barely hear the bass, but all things combined it gets amazing. The vocals are some of the best I've heard, and one of Jaymz' very best performances. Now the solo, that's a beauty. Kirk fucked around a lot in the studio trying to nail it, and when he finally found something he liked, his bandmates hated it, and pushed him further. Eventually he wrote it like this, and it's a heartfelt and godly solo. The harmonics near the ends are also divine. Wow, could I possibly say any more good things about a song? Nope, I feel I've gotten the point across, haha.

'Killing Time' is an awesome cover song (Sweet Savage did the original). The drum intro is badass, and the riffs, vocals and..everything, is made for partying. Damn, I wanna get drunk right now! Hah! Killing time!!! Man, many of Metallica's best moments are found in their cover songs, and that's kinda unique. And that doesn't mean the original material suck, either, it just means that they're the best cover band there is!

Last, and least, is the demo of 'The Unforgiven'. Not much to say. It's not any good, and was included for laugh purposes only. I laughed and cringed the first time I heard it, anyway. Still, this is an almost perfect single release, and deserves an almost perfect score. Later.

I refuse to review the Black LP.. But this I will. - 92%

Sportswear, March 12th, 2004

Right, firstly I refuse to review that piece of shit of an LP “Metallica”/Black LP/Self Titled. Fucking disgraceful, abandoning your thrash roots? What the fuck, change the name of your band if you’re going to do that, wankers.
But, this song, wow, truly does stand out. It is one of the most beautiful songs they have ever made (second to Fade To Black). If it had been released by a non Metal act, I think it would gain a truckload more respect than it does now. A shame, but Metal pride seems to be a big and powerful thing, that can be good can be bad, whatever, I don’t care. I think this song is immense. From the vocals and lyrics to the general simplicity of the song itself. The chorus is truly amazing, as is the melody in the background.
ha ha ha, I see this song is the fastest poor old Lars Ulrich will ever be able to go, fucking retard sperm bucket. The solo just short of the 4 minute mark is fucking good enough for Hendrix. Technical, but beautiful as fuck. Truly great song, I don’t care how “unmetal” it may be. Fuck you! Whatever.

Fuck the Killing Time cover on this, I don’t care for that.