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Different Style - 75%

langstondrive, July 7th, 2003

This CD is not as terrible as everyone says it is. The reason that so many people find it completly awful is that some look at this and say "Metallica?? Oh it must be a metal CD!", then they pick it up and are completly disappointed with is because it is hard rock. This, my friends, is called evolution. Some may not like it (such as me), and some may. I personally prefer their old days (Long live Puppets) and would love to see them return back to them (St.Anger was a start).

This album has it's good points, and it's bad points, like any other.

Good Points: Fuel is an excellent song with a nice chord progression and cool lyrics, The Memory Remains follows in the same steps and is just slower. Devil's Dance is great, with a funky bass line and sounds less like Metallica than they ever have. Low Man's Lyric, although it really gets bashed, I think is a cool song with an excellent chorus. The Unforgiven II, although not even close to it's predecessor, is still a pretty good song.

Bad Points: Fixxxer is pretty raunch, I don't think much of Attitude, Carpe Diem Baby or Bad Seed. Stay away from those tracks, they are mainly just filler junk on the album.

Overall, I know that I may be blasted for this review, but I think that Metallica didn't get worse at this point, they just took a step in a different direction.