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I Think One Load Was Enough. - 18%

elfo19, March 18th, 2008

Ok, Metallica. What the hell is this? You've made some good stuff in the past, heck, I'll even go to saying 'Load' was a good album, but this is just stupid.

There is nothing funny about this music, yet every time I listen to it I find myself laughing. From the moment it starts with "Fuel" it's hilarious. This song sounds like a comedy act at the beginning. The song itself is one of the worst I’ve heard and some people regard it as a classic. WOW! In fact, the whole album feels like this to tell you the truth. There is one song that is worthwhile, that being "The Memory Remains", which I actually like a lot.

Metallica now has to rely on past talent and success to make it. Take for example writing a song called "Unforgiven II." Sure, the first one was alright, but this is the same kind of thing, just, not as good. What's next, "One 2", "Enter Sandman Once Again", or "Son Of The Master Of Puppets?" You decide Metallica because I wouldn't be surprised if one of these was on your next album.

The music on this disc is very lame when after listening to Metallica’s better stuff. You have one riff at the beginning of the song which is just alright. I’m fine with that, but Metallica feels the need to base the whole song off of that one repetitive riff instead of doing what they used to do by creating songs that were varied and interesting.

One song called “Low Man’s Lyric” is particularly bad. At the beginning there is some very odd sounding guitar playing slowly something that could be from some old bagpipe tune. Then there are some very annoying hums in the background creating the effect of a horrible attempt at an interesting atmosphere. The song goes on for seven minutes and does nothing interesting.

Then there’s songs like “Fixxxer” that sound like Rage Against The Machine (a band I hate) on crack, mostly because the whole song is based on an absolutely horrible riff. “Devil’s Dance” has lame, boring drumming and then guitars that sound like they are filled with mud and being played by 13 year olds. Even the vocals are not as interesting as they used to be and hearing him say stuff like “Yeah, yeah!” in every song becomes intensely irritating.

The melodic choruses from previous albums have been discarded for short, repetitive, un-melodic lines of horrible lyrics. There is no intense soloing in the songs like there was in previous albums “Master Of Puppets”, or “…And Justice For All” and everything makes you wonder why these artists even bother. It seems as if this band knows they are popular, knows their albums will sell, so they turn out as many as they can to make money. This disgusts me.

I wish I never got this album. I can’t even think of Metallica without thinking of this horrible album. I can't even enjoy their older stuff anymore without being bothered by them stooping this low. If you are a fan of this group then take my advice and don’t get this album. Please don’t because it will cause you nothing but pain and suffering.

A bad album is forgivable. A stupid album is not. These songs range from repeats of old songs to songs that sound like a spoof of a Metallica song. It’s like some kind of twisted wannabe Metallica band who doesn’t really know anything about music. I can’t help but shake my head and sigh when I see this album sitting on the shelf.

To conclude, I really don't like any of these songs except the one I mentioned. The album itself is repetitive. Each song sounds similar to the last and it was very difficult to get all the way through this. I did and I wish I didn't. Sure, there are some "sick riffs" and a lot of "wicked guitar" and even some "like really fast drumming." Sure there are. Don't make me laugh, I've laughed enough listening to this.