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A source of confusion and incredulity - 15%

The_Ghoul, April 18th, 2008

I think by now most people have been confounded by Metallica's career at one point. It was smooth sailing for the most part until they got shown the light of success. From that point on, every step Metallica has made has proven to be a mistep. The Black Album was very successful, but at the price of integrity; a former thrash giant turned into a pop metal outfit. As the popularity of metal waned, they tried to cash in on the popularity of alt-rock, and failed miserably, for the most part because Load had "poser" written all over it. They simply tried to be something they're not. Which brings us to this. This is another misstep in the career of Metallica.

Load was thoroughly rejected by most self-respecting metalheads, but embraced, if not coldly, by the "music press" consisting mostly of MTV and the like. So Metallica decided something: If the massive amounts of money they made from the black album and Load were good, then MOAR MONEY would be better! So what better way to make more money with the least amount of effort than to fill an album up with b-sides and rejects?

Which is what they did here. Again, another misstep. While *slightly* more metal than Load, it makes up for it in that while at least Load was somewhat well thought out, Reload was not. I do not consider Re-Load to be a proper album. Sure, it is a collection of songs pressed to CD, but as far as an album goes, while at least Load was coherent, this is not. It goes from being more metal oriented (do not confuse metal-oriented with actual metal) to being complete rock, not even of the hard kind. Metallica has lost their edge, no doubt about it, but this comes off as a last ditch attempt to gain respect, which of course is not going ot happen because this is unabashed commercialism, and nobody respects you for that.

The one song a lot of people like, Fuel, is good at 1 or 2 listens, and while being catchy, it's kind of a stupid song, and gets annoying real quickly. The Unforgiven was a snorefest to begin with; The Unforgiven II is doubly the snorefest.

I don't think I can really pick choice cuts out of this mess; I can name songs that are complete shit, like Fixxxer, Low Man's Lyric, and Better Than You, but I cannot name choice cuts, because it seems to be either completely forgettable or only memorable due to extreme amounts of suck and fail.

As well, this is not the last misstep in Metallica's career. Following this was S&M, which was more cacaphony than music, and St. Anger, which was a pathetic and poorly produced attempt to cash in on the Numetal trend. Metallica really have got to be the biggest sellouts in the history of music. I cannot name any artist who made a bigger about-face and pissed on their legacy more than Metallica. While St. Anger takes the cake for being the absolute worst of Metallica, Reload is up there among their list of abominations and embarrassments to the world of music.