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Starts decent, then goes to hell. - 40%

Nightcrawler, October 26th, 2003

Alright, so Load pretty much blew ass, you all know that. But here, it gets even worse.
The biggest difference between the two is that this one simply has much weaker songwriting. I got this when I was a newbie to heavier music, and even though I since then have listened to it numerous times I still have a hard time remembering the songs on here, which proves that the songs are extremely forgettable, which of course is a main weakness.

The guitarwork is like on Load mainly focused on groove and catchy melodies, which works at certain occasions but those are very few. Fuel is a solid song definitely, with some fun riffs and really catchy solos. It's straightforward, catchy and to the point. If the entire album was like this, maybe it wouldn't have been completely worthless. But this is not the case. Most of the stuff is just slow, boring and very unimaginative, and it never seems to get there. And like Load, it is totally overlong, and most of the songs could easily be cut in half.
I guess that's about the album's biggest weaknesses. Oh, and Lars sucks ass, but you already knew that.

So the actual songs... Fuel, like I told you, I enjoy quite a bit. Sure, it's not Fight Fire With Fire, but it's not Frantic either. The Memory Remains follows. I've heard this about a billion times - I completely worshipped it when the album was released - and I still can't bring myself to completely hate it. A fun groove to the riff and all, nothing spectacular, just decent all through. Although that old hag they brought in for the backing vocals is just... weird.

Devil's Dance is next. Hey, this isn't bad either. Probably the heaviest riffs on any of the Load albums, and some really groovy basslines too. And the album stays on a solid level with the next song, Unforgiven II. This is in fact the best song on here, and a rather powerful ballad. I'm gonna get stoned for saying this, but I like it.
But now, the album suddenly transforms into a steaming pile of goo. Everything after Unforgiven II is boring, worthless crap. The riffs are pretty decent all through, all containing a cool groove to them, but the songwriting just doesn't cut it, at all, and most of the songs end up sounding retarded and annoying for whatever reason. Usually it's because really dumb vocal lines and overlong songs that go absolutely nowhere. Especially Where The Wild Things Are and Bad Seed are absolutely fucking horrible. Then we have the godawful Low Man's Lyric, which is a disgrace to metal ballads all over the world.
Admittedly, aside from the four first there is one more tolerable song on here, Attitude. It's not really good, but not a complete waste unlike most other stuff on here.

In conclusion: Five songs ranging from mediocre to good aren't nearly enough to save a 13 song album. Just make it go away!