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Nothing brilliant, but has its glory - 75%

BoomStick, December 14th, 2004

As a kind of sequel to “Load,” the album “Reload,” was very similar in several different ways; they were written at about the same time, their styles are very similar in that their vocals, guitars, bass and drums all sound the same. The songs on both albums are quite long; and the songs are all not like classic MetallicA. Many people say that Reload is a collection of songs, which didn't make it onto Load. I don’t thinks this is at all true as Reload in my opinion is a better album then Load, unless Lars and James cant figure out which songs they write are any good. .

Overall Reload is nothing brilliant, the song Slither has a catchy main riff…but it is an extreme rip off of their earlier hit, “Enter Sandman.” If you listen to them both you will hear the extreme similarities in the song; their was even a song on Load that had a very similar sound to Enter Sandman. Fuel has its moments on the radio and has a catchy main chorus, and a pounding ¾ way through section, but the overall song is not very good. For one, the vocals in Fuel are gay… “And I burn, Churning my direction, Quench my thirst with Gasoline” like what the hell does that mean? Metallica’s lyrics used to mean something, but now James has nothing left to sing about. Metallica wrote a classic song called, “The Unforgiven,” back on the Black album…now they try to be cool by writing a sequel called, The Unforgiven II, which of course is a pretty terrible song.

“Where the wild things are,” has good drumming and an “ok” main chorus, with some interesting guitar riffs, which make it a pretty good song. “Carpe Diem Baby” is a catchy song with some interesting timing, but the name is very lame. “Better then you” is another sweet song, which seems to roll along and flow very smoothly. The main chorus in “Better then you,” is sung very well, and the main riff is quite heavy. “Bad seed,” is another song that has heavy rhythm parts, and interesting lyrics.

The best song on the album by far is, “Devil’s Dance,” many people say this song is very un-generic of Metallica, and at times the sound is much different as the song starts out with a catchy bass solo, and the tempo is slower then usual. Following the bass intro, thundering heavy riffs come crashing in carrying a very memorable tune, the lyrics and vocals are very good, the drums are excellent as they keep time perfectly and have a great beat and greatly add to the greatness of this song. DD has a brilliant solo, and one thing I really like about the solo is the way there is a distorted guitar in the background… the rhythm, which comes thundering in several times. Overall this is an exceptional song, ranking in the top 10’s of my overall favorite Metallica songs (which is a very large list as almost all Metallica is brilliant).

I would say this album is better then “Load,” but a lot worse then, “The Black Album,” and a ton better then, “St Anger.” However Reload still lacks a spark and creativity that old Metallica albums had (except for DD, which I am sure is the last magnificent song Metallica will ever create). If you are a collector of Metallica, “Reload,” is worth buying, but it is not a very good album to start up on as it is quite different then original Metallica. And if you hated Load you are likely to hate this album too

Hope I have helped you.