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A hidden gem - 85%

avidmetal, December 20th, 2009

Let me start by saying that "King Nothing" is the best track on the mediocre "Load". The track is crushing, reminiscent of Metallica's earlier "Enter Sandman". Both songs have a similar structure and style of lyrics writing. The lyrics and vocal style remind me of something made by Motorhead and Lemmy. Hetfield's vocals are commanding as he screams "Then it all crashes down...". The Lemmy Kilmister influences are heavy here. The instrumentals are heavy and thick, similar to other tracks on this album. The drumming is solid but nothing too technical, just focusing on force. Kirk has a good solo towards the end, probably his best in the forgettable Load era. This is probably Jason Newsted's best performance ever as it is his bass riff which progresses into the main guitar riff.

At about five and a half minutes in length, this is unlike the other overlong songs on this album. If you like grunge, or just dark hard rock. The King nothing single is certainly worth a buy. This is certainly the best song in Metallica's Load era.