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Creeping Death - 89%

Noctir, October 26th, 2010

Following the success of Ride the Lightning, Metallica was signed by Elektra Records and continued to build their following by touring Europe and the states. To satiate their rabid fanbase, Music For Nations released the Creeping Death E.P.

"Creeping Death", of course, is the same version from the L.P. Apparently, they felt that this was the strongest song from Ride the Lightning and the one that they felt would best represent the band, especially on the chance that this E.P. was someone's first exposure to Metallica.

As for the other two songs, they do an excellent job covering "Am I Evil?" by Diamond Head . Thankfully, Hetfield chose to utilize his own vocal style, rather than mimic Sean Harris, and the result is actually a little darker and more enjoyable than the original. "Blitzkrieg" is the shorter and faster of the two, and the Metallica does a good job of making the song their own. As with the other, this version is heavier and more aggressive.

Perhaps, the deeper significance of these songs is that they helped inspire fans, such as myself, to dig into the old NWOBHM scene and discover more old bands. So, in paying tribute to those that influenced them, they also helped to keep those old albums relevant by generating interest in a new generation of listeners.

Creeping Death is more of a collector's item than anything else. Both of the cover songs were included on the Elektra version of Kill 'Em All, at least the early presses. Really, the main benefit of tracking this down is merely the cover art, as it's very well done and almost seems as if it would have been more suitable for Ride the Lightning than what they used. At any rate, if you do seek this out, look for the version that also includes the Jump in the Fire E.P.

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A nice little EP! - 85%

Wacke, February 27th, 2008

There's not too much to say about this EP than it's a good one. Back in 1984 it had some kind of meaning to the Metallica fans but today, it's just meaningless. You find it all somewhere in a bigger and overall better package today but is there some reason to own this EP as it is? Well, yes because it's still a cool EP and it's from the days when Metallica actually were good.

It features one song written by Metallica and two covers. They've chosen to include the excellent "Creeping Death" from "Ride The Lightning". It doesn't need any further description as you probably already know about that song and it's quality but about the covers then? Yeah, the "Blitzkrieg" cover is the weakest track on this EP but it's still good but the real jewel that makes this EP interesting is the Diamond Head-cover of "Am I Evil?". It's a real true metal classic. They've made a little heavier than the original and also extended the intro which is a plus for the Metallica verison. There's two reasons why Diamond Head's version is better though. Lars doesn't do one of the bass drum slams all the time and Kirk didn't do the solo as good as Brian Tatler, although it still sounds awesome!

I think you should dig this up instead of "Garage Inc." since it's from their better years and "Garage Inc." is a lot bigger, but it has a lot more shit than this aswell. This one features a cool cover unlike "Garage Inc." aswell...

Check it out! R.I.P. Metallica 1981-1991

Decent for an EP - 75%

UltraBoris, October 19th, 2003

We have three songs here... Raze basically gave the factual breakdown, and we've probably all heard them before, so there isn't much left for me to say. Other than the fact that Creeping Death is a very good song from Metallica's best LP... Am I Evil is an excellent masterpiece of power metal... Blitzkrieg is frantic (tick tick tock?) and energetic and almost as good as the original. Hetfield's vocals are a new take on the song, as opposed to those of Brian Ross. Both work great.

How the fuck Kirk pulled off the Am I Evil solo is beyond me (there's a REASON they only play half of it live!), but it is almost as good as the original, and that is saying a lot, because the original is basically the best NWOBHM song ever.

The two B-sides appeared on some pressings of Kill 'em All for a few years - why they took them off is beyond me, because they fit well in the context of the first two Metallica LPs. Now they're available on Garage Days for Crack Money or whatever the fuck their latest compilation is called. But you'd rather get the original EP, because they don't make it no more, so if you buy it used, you're not supporting the corporate hierarchy.

Either get this, or the Kill 'em All with extra tracks... whatever the fuck you can find.

Godly single - 100%

raZe, October 19th, 2003

"I'M CREEPING DEATH!!!" This song is simply godly! "DIE! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" And the live versions with Jason Newsted are also godly. But, hey, this is the original studio version, taken from the equally godly Ride the Lighting album. There are some pretty badass riffs to be found, and the chant part in the middle is the ultimate sing-along (or should I say shout-along?) moment in the history of Metallica. Overall, Creeping Death is just perfect.

And as if that wasn't enough, the b-sides are almost as good. The first one, Am I Evil?, is the best cover song I've ever heard. It totally slays Diamond Head's original. Every time I hear it, I just have to headbang. The main riff is one of the coolest I've played on my guitar, and the rest of the thrashy song is know, this almost brings a tear to my eye. Not to forget; the Hammett solo is total ownage not found anywhere else, and some of the best he's ever done. Enough with the superlatives, eh? The final song is another cover, called Blitzkrieg, originally made by Blitzkrieg(!). A damn fine song, with a seriously shredding main riff, and overall reeking of coolness.

Man, I just gotta give this a perfect score, it's simply a perfect single.

Am I Creeping Death or Am I Evil??? - 90%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 23rd, 2003

At the time, heavy metal fans were frantically waitng for another Metallica release. This only urged them on even more. This single only holds three songs, but they are well played.

The first song is probably the best song off of Ride the Lightning, and that is the name of this single, Creeping Death. Back in Metallica's more heavier days, they could blister heavy riffs, growly vocals, and a very impressive solo. This sounds to be the same copy as the one that is on Ride the Lightning (ie. the song isn't different in any aspects).

The next two songs are cover songs. Blitzkrieg, by the same band, and Am I Evil, by Diamond Head. The songs are very similar to the orginals, if not even more heavier, especially on Am I Evil. These two cover songs were orginally put on Kill Em All. However, only some of the album had the songs, latter these two songs would be taken off Kill Em All. But muscially these songs kick ass! These songs even appear on Garage Inc. just as they are played on here.

Sure there is not much here, but all three of these songs are kick ass songs which reminds us that Metallica, once kicked ass. Thrashy riffs and insane solo's! If you don't get this for the music, at least get it for the awsome cover it comes in!!!