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Pretty mediocre if you ask me. - 60%

heavymetalvixen, January 23rd, 2004

I'm not sure what the big hype is about these guys. I didn't see anything special. This is the second album of Meshuggah's I've heard, and guess what? THEY BOTH SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME!!! And what's all this "technicality" people are talking about? I'm not seeing any. Every song is pretty much the same thing, aside from a 20 second solo every here and there. None of the solo's are even all that complicated either. There aren't even any good riffs, its all basic chord shit. The drumming ain't that great either, so I don't know where "drum genius" came into the picture here. And the vocals, oh the fucking vocals. At first they were okay, but after a while I couldn't stand them! The guy has no fucking rhythm. Its all just yelling like an angsty constipated teen. Rather sickening if you ask me.

There are a few listenable tracks that are thrashy and enjoyable...but really nothing outstanding about this album. Or any Meshuggah album for that matter.