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Extreme and Unique - 90%

foshuggah, March 18th, 2003

Extreme. Chaosphere is a departure from all rules of music and song structuring.

The album is dense, obscure and totally un-natural. There is so much going on in there that at a certain point it gets annoying or cacophonous. And that is exactly what drove my attention into it. How these guys came out with these songs, I just don't know. I always thought that it is not easy to drive emotions, whichever they are, onto music. This albums proves my opinion wrong. And these guys were really angry.

You can find lots of new elements in Chaosphere. The groove from "None" and "DEI" is gone. There are no more regular time bars mixed in. The vocals become an instrument, odd meters take over confronting all rythm patterns and the riffs are not present by themselves as guitar driven parts, but they are an integral part of the songs, a part of the whole "mess".

Also, the entire concept is dark and depressive. In-your-face vocals, the balanced mix with all the instruments present and the highly compressed production just adds another dimension the the sound of the band, making it even less-accesible for the regular (or average) metal listener.

I don't even know if I can call this progressive, since it has lots of characteristic elements that help define Meshuggah's own style.

And since any other band, so far, sounds like this, I think this album is another huge step in ther musical evolution. It is a hard album to listen to, but once you understand a small part, it's all downhill from there.