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Chaosphere - Technical Brutality \m/ - 90%

Zero, June 16th, 2003

This is the most solid Meshuggah album. It takes everything they do well and throws it together to make an insanely agressive, technical, brutal album.
The first thing you hear when you listen to this album is a barrage of staccato riffs and Haake's godly drumming going all over the place. Then, Jens breaks in with his vicious voice and shit just rolls on. Fredrik Thordendal (AKA God) pulls out a solo that sounds like R2D2 on crack.
Then, the best song of the album, New Millenium Cyanide Christ comes in. This is where Tomas Haake shines with his lyrical writing abilities. Although the lyrics on this song aren't as complicated, they have a clever side to them that finalize the song. This is most likely Meshuggah's best song ever.
I could go on about some of the other songs, but out of lack of energy, I'll just have to leave some of the album to your imagination.
Some other notable tracks are "The Exquisite Machinery Of Torture" which is like an experience all in itself. Definitely a different song.
And finally, the final track on the album, Elastic, which kicks mondo ass. Plus, the solo may very well be one of the best Meshuggah have also done. It's very jazzy.

All in all, if you're a Metalhead who likes a little technicality with his brutality and wants to try something out of the ordinary, Chaosphere is your album.
However, if you're a sissy or a female, or just some asshole Elitist who refuses anything out of his specific genre, you'll probably barf on this album.