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For drummers? - 5%

Whalenut, June 21st, 2011

Look, this is a problem. Can those people play? Yes. Is the production of a high level? Sure. Is this album enjoyable? Fuck no. This is the first album of Meshuggah I hear, and hopefully the last. What the hell are those guys smoking? It is not because you can do something that you should. Randomly copy-pasting powerchords and putting a drum pattern under it, yeah I can do this shit too. Even with words, look:

“Meshuggah sucksuggah suMeshcksuuggah suM”

See? This is art. This is progressive art. NO this is progressive technical art! All joking aside, I have great respect for the musicians that play this music, it’s truly difficult and technical. It’s a pity that it’s worthless… Technicality and difficulty for the sake of it is very wrong. Look, Outworld is technical, progressive and whatnot. But there’s a bigger plan behind every song and each has individuality and identity. That’s a concept the guys from Meshuggah have never heard about I’m afraid. Why so many people carry them on their hands is a mystery to me. Is it elitism? Snobbism? Or are all of those people drummers? I can see why drummers could enjoy this.

The album sounds like some kind of machine falling down the stairs. Repeatedly. As a result, all songs kind of blend into one long boring random song. I’m sure they could fix a lot of things with a better singer, now it sounds like every vocal line is interchangeable within the album. That's the case for most of the guitar parts as well actually, it’s like Lego metal. Wait, Lego comes from Denmark right? I guess it’s a Scandinavian thing.

Now look, if you like aimless math-metal already, or you don’t care about melody or structure, or you have the urge to be “different”, or you are a drummer: you probably will enjoy this album. I didn’t. So I gave mine to a drummer I know. He was happy.