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Technical metal at it's finest. - 82%

SpookyApparition, July 11th, 2002

I originally bought Chaosphere in late 2000... and hated it. I could rarely sit through the entire album, and regretted paying $15 for it. All of the songs sounded the same, without any variation. But as time has passed, I've grown to appreciate it more and more.

The technicality is truly astounding, outshining--by and large--the entire metal genre. Thordendahl and Haake are among the top performers at their respective instruments (guitars, drums), and the remaining members are more than competent. The bass playing is more evident than on most metal albums, and along with the guitars it creates one, huge, crunching rhythm, while Haake often blasts away in a different time signature on his kit. Kidman's vocal lines tie in with the music better than just about any album I can think of, although I can't describe it as well as I would like. He stresses syllables on words on certain drum hits, and lots of small things like that, which make for a very technical vocal performance, something not often seen in extreme metal.

And last but not least, perhaps the most impressive part of the album are Thordendahl's absolutely impossibe, out of this world, fusion-esque leads. They create a climax for each song, and don't feel out of place or tacky. If you play guitar or have knowledge of how it is played, listening to these leads is reason enough to buy the album.