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The benchmark for heaviness - 100%

Doomrock, February 20th, 2006

I've heard a lot of metal bands and more than plenty metal songs. This album is really something special. In my book, this is absolutely the heaviest album of all time.

It's not heavy in a Mayhem "look at how much noise we're making!" type of way, but in a kick the doors down crunchy and nasty way. The guitar sound on this album is out of this world, and the performances by Tomas Haake (drums) and Jens Kidman (vocals) are legendary. The songs are not so much songs, but like the output of a giant machine chewing the earth into dust.

Concatenation gets the fun off with a blast, with one of the most chaotic, insane blasts of hell ever created. The next series of songs are the real gems here, with New Millenium Cyanide Christ and Corridor of Chameleons with excellent riffing that would have you headbanging in a business meeting. Neurotica has a crazy tribal beat, and damned if the song won't get stuck in your head. This leads into..

The Mouth Licking What You've Bled, one of the most incredible works ever put to magnetic tape (or into a computer, depending on your perspective). This song is as heavy as heavy can get. It will blow the doors off your house (or car), for real. The guitar solo in this song is one of the most mesmerizing lines a person ever performed on a musical instrument. It further proves Fredrik Thordendal is a master of his craft and one of the great musical geniuses (not to say ill of Marten Hagstrom, who is a master in his own right). The rest of the material is great too, Elastic being an excellent song and you'll remember Sane from the True Human Design e.p.

This album is so incredibly dark and forbidding that it may take a few listens to find a home in. Once you do, it's clear. This album is a landmark among landmarks in the immortal canon of the Meshuggah library, but a must have. This album kills.

After it came out I wondered where Meshuggah would go next, especially after putting the exclamation point on death metal with the miracle that is Chaosphere. Thankfully Nothing came out and didn't push the envelope as much, but bent it in a new direction, but that is a review for another time.