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From a great band, to this... - 35%

DementiaInBlack, February 2nd, 2012

Superficially and in few words:
This is the worst change of a metal band... of all time.

The speech:
A great death/power metal band from Denmark, called Mercenary and their brilliant beginning with the first three albums, are nothing but ashes and distant memories for those metalheads who gave their fraternal respect and admiration to them. I can assume that lots of fans will feel upset/disappointed about this aberration, titled "Metamorphosis", the sixth album. Who the hell thought that such change would be a good idea? Not even close to "regular".

Nonetheless, the evolution of this band isn't something that should be taken by surprise, it was very evident anyway. The responsible of that disaster and whom I regard as the damnation in this band = the current frontman: Rene Pedersen (I must say I never had good feelings about this man).

Since the band lost Henrik Andersen, the good bass player and who supplied the harsh vocals to Mercenary until 2006; and then, hired this man, their change was immediately notorious with the launch of Architect of Lies. Later, the loss of the lead singer, the keyboardist and the drummer in 2009, severely affected the good quality of the band, and ended the Death/Power metal era in their music, only to make way to the regular and ordinary danish Metalcore band they are... nowadays. (Certainly, they've lost their good condition).

"Metamorphosis", itself, shows to the fans the weakest and most mediocre work of the band, or at least its remains. This album completely lacks the original essence of inspiration, energy and creativity that Mercenary had in the past. Merely limiting themselves to create that bothersome metal subgenre, quite recognized and familiar in the American metalcore bands. Eventually, it will bore you, sooner of later. It isn't something that you'll want to keep in your collection forever.

Giving a bad/regular opinion about the overall performance of the new Mercenary in this album would be unnecessary once you read the other reviews. About Pedersen's clean and harsh vocals or Buss's new way to perform guitar riffs and how he attempts to compensate the loss of Morten Sandager in the band when he plays simple notes on keyboard...

...It can be easily summarized: Mercenary, with this line-up, is one of those who experimented the same evolution as In Flames or the former gothic metal band, Lacuna Coil. The classic evolution from an admirable metal band to a "different" one (I don't want to be uncivil, so I'll keep my opinion to myself), betraying the confidence and idolatry of them. But you, Metalcore fans... Go ahead, I bet you'll love this albums, Бедные дети...