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Don't Bother - 50%

Wirecutter, January 2nd, 2004

On one hand, the Time: The Beginning / Use the Man medley is nice, though I did buy it solely because I was hoping for a live version of Time: The End (the track list didn't specify which Time it was). Dave, if by some chance you are reading this: Time: The End should have a live version! And it should be done like the live version of She-Wolf on Rude Awakening! But anyway... The live version of The Conjuring was nice also, though I'm really not that big a fan of that song. But it's nice to have another live song, y'know?

On the other hand, I already paid for most of these songs. All the songs except for those two (or three, depending on how you view medleys) were previously released on Rude Awakening and The World Needs a Hero. So I essentially paid full CD price for two (or three, as above) songs. Yeah, they were nice, but put together they were not worth that much.

I would only recommend buying this if...

-You really, really want to hear those songs live and don't have KaZaA.
-You don't want to bother with The World Needs a Hero and Rude Awakening, and you're just going to settle for Still Alive and Well instead.
-You are collecting Megadeth albums for some reason.
-You are desperate to give Dave Mustaine and Sanctuary Records money.

Personally, I regret wasting my money on it. Your results may vary.