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Why did I buy this? - 40%

7stringV, April 28th, 2007

O yea that’s right because I had no idea how much of a waste this album was. Dave put this album out after he thought Megadeth was done so I guess it was kinda to appease the record company, they couldn’t put out another greatest hits record, they just put out a live record, so why not just do something completely insane and put out half a live album and half The World Needs a Hero???

Well with all that being said the live stuff on this record isn’t that bad. Holy Wars is done very well on here and sounds awesome live anytime, and we also get a nice little new thing on Symphony of Destruction with some new parts and a harmony. Sweating Bullets is all right live but I still prefer the studio version any day over this. Time/Use The Man is also a stand out track on here. Time being the best song by far of Risk and Use The Man was one of the better songs of Cryptic Writings flow together nicely Megadeth does very well with this acoustic medley. In My Darkest Hour is all right except for the fact the cool acoustic intro isn’t done here nothing else is special about the rest of it, I just wish they would have played that they played it at the end but not in the intro? One of the good parts about this album is the Conjuring being put on here. This song is easy to get overlooked coming off of the masterpiece Peace Sells, but is one of the bands best songs ever this song is missing none of the energy that it had off Peace Sells the lyrics are really cool and the guitar riffs are top notch.

One of the main grips for pretty much Megadeths entire career is Mustaine’s voice. Which on this record isn’t great, it never is great nor will it ever be but it suites the music just fine and I never had a real problem with it, because if you are buying a Megadeth album for Dave’s vocals you just missed the total point of this band, the supreme musicianship and guitar playing!

The stuff off the World Needs A Hero isn’t all that special. There is no all out thrashers on here but still so good metal tunes. Dread and the Fugitive Mind which came off Capitol Punishment has a nice riff and some okay solos, I would have preferred Kill the King but this song is almost as good. Moto Psycho is pretty plain as far as songs go. The riff isn’t that memorable, its kinda fast but no where near the speed of something like the Disintegrators. Promises is some sort of beyond the grave ballad and has some seriously cheesy lyrics but has a very nice guitar solo by Al Pitrelli. The World Needs a Hero the song itself is nice for the face Dave wrote a political song again, something that was missing off of seemingly everything after Countdown. Burning Bridges is one of my favorite songs off the World Needs a Hero section of this album, its got a nice riff and a nice slow intro riff to start off. The album closes with the sequel to Hanger 18, Return to Hangar. This song is a nice try to get back to the bands metal roots after Risk failed so horrifically. Its done pretty well with some good riffs and solos. Fact is though Al is a good guitar player who can stand up to the standard Marty set on the original Hangar 18?

All in all this album is pretty much a waste. You would be much better off buying either The World Needs a Hero, or Rude Awakening. I can find no real reason to go out and buy this album unless you see it sitting in a used bin for $4 or something less, or you just want everything Megadeth ever put out. Outside of that don’t waste your time with this.