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Was this really necessary? - 20%

evilution, February 8th, 2003

I hate it when bands re-release material to fulfill contractual obligations, and this cd is one of the worst examples of this. It does have two new songs, but the rest of the album is split between live songs we already heard on Rude Awakening and songs from the sub-par The World Needs a Hero. Both of these are best reviewed n their respective original albums, so I'll focus on the new songs.

Time/Use the Man showcases the rarely-heard acoustic skills of Dave Mustaine. Time was one of the bright spots on Risk, and it translates well to a live setting. Use the Man was the third single from Cryptic Writings and has been a concert mainstay ever since, and this rendition is solid. Also, the acoustic tone on this little medley is simply beautiful.

The Conjuring is my favorite song played during the 2001 tour that wasn't included on Rude Awakening, and I am happy to finally have a professionally-recorded copy of it. The instruments sound great on this one, though Dave's voice seems a bit strained, but overall this track is a worthy inclusion.

The bottom line, though, is that buying this release means paying 12-15 bucks for two songs. Only get it if you are a Megadeth completist or if you have particular affections for the new songs.