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A Milestone in Megadeth's carrier - 90%

Human666, March 8th, 2007

1988 was one of the best years for the Thrash metal. Albums such as "...And Justice For All", "South Of Heaven", "State of Euphoria", "Release From Agony" came out in this year...and the list is much longer. Megadeth also exist in that list with their highly underrated 3rd LP which in my opinion has their best Lead guitar ever and some of their most memorable songs.

The first track is an ambitious instrumental which begins with a clean guitars and then followed by horns and distorted guitar riffs. It's actually an orgasmic intro which builds slowly with awesome guitar leads and top-notched riffs till it leads to the first song ever written by Mustaine after he left Metallica. "Set The World Afire" begins with a silent sample [maybe taken from any song, but I didn't recognized which one] and then kicking your face with aggressive riffs which fits very well the lyrics, talking about the end of the world. Something really outstanding here is that this song isn't built in the regular formula of the verse-chorus-verse-chorus songs, it has some different sections which building superbly a great Thrash metal hymn.
Something REALLY weird is that this song hasn't made it way into their first album, it is really weird because if this is the first song Mustaine wrote then, I don't see any reason why not putting it in "Killing Is My Business..." after all, it beats all the tracks there and this is a very well written song. It isn't the only song which had to be released in their first LP, actually half of the songs here were written somewhere before their first album, but eventually for any reason, they had been released only in 1988.

The next song is a cover for the british Punk band "Sex Pistols" which really beats the orginal version. There is also a special guest in one solo by one of the original members of the band. "Mary Jane" is maybe the worst song here, it isn't a bad song, it's a pretty decent song which has a high variety within it's riffs and some blazing solos, but well, each one has it weak track, in this case this is my least favorite song here.

"502" is the second best song here, the verses are just shouting: Rock N' Roll!
and the chorus is amazingly awesome. Also the riffs are high quality and the lead guitar has some great moments here. "In My Darkest Hour" was wrote in one sitting by Mustaine after he heard about the death of his former band mate [Cliff Burton R.I.P] from Metallica. It also don't have the chorus-verse formula, and this is one of Megadeth's most memorable tracks, it definitely has some of their most emotional moments here and this is just a wondrful Heavy/Speed semi ballad.

This album has 8 tracks, and expect for "Mary Jane" which has some boring parts, each track here is awesome and you must get this album if you fan of Thrash or Speed metal. Highly recommended!