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It has potential to be classic - 88%

sepultribe, February 8th, 2005

...but sadly was underrated. I mean all you have to do on this album is take a few bits out of some songs and clean it up and it would easilly be loved by more. But even if this was as good as Peace Sells its hard to compete when your sandwhiched inbetween that and Rust in Piece, arguably the two best Megadeth ever did. This album IS though definitly more diverse than either of those two either way you look at it. It has a ballad (In my Darkest hour) in vein of good morning and a punk (say what now?) cover. (Anarchy in the U.S.A.) And what about that instrumental?? Kickass. But of course as any classic megadeth album, this has all the straight away thrashers like Liar and Hook in Mouth. But this album was plauged with some pretty pathetic lyrics and some Im guessing didnt like the diversity. If you can look past that youll realize how awesome this really is.

It starts out with Into the Lungs of Hell a very interesting instrumental with some fast melodic guitar thrown in. If you listen to this expecting vocals to pop in at any second your going to be dissapointed but its honestly one of the better songs here. Thrash fans might be turned off by the unusual to say the least intro. Then the best song on the album (and second best Megadeth song period) blasts through my speakers demanding me to thrash. It goes through all sorts of time changing from Priest-Esque to Slayer-Esque and all over the place. Nose dive. Right into a SEX PISTOLS cover but... by god it really works. Who would have thought. An actual low-point of this roller coaster of an album is Mary Jane. Yea I said this is diverse but I mean the very beggining is a little TO left wing for me. Did I say low point???? Suddenly at 2:55 this becomes a complete monster. A HIGH POINT for sure. Why the hell couldnt the entire song be this good? Now here comes Dave's drunk rambling "Pull over shit-head... its the cops" in 502. Horrible lyrics and that annoying car noises section is saved by good music and a really great chorus. Also a really nice solo to round things out. The ballad like number In My Darkest Hour is sort of boring at the beggining but really picks up later in the song that turns into a real thrasher. Interesting acoustics also add a nice feel to the song. Once again a wonderful solo. Next is Liar and its about damn time. Ive been waiting for a real classic Megadeth thrasher for the whole album and I certainly get it with a little more on the side. One of the best Megadeth riffs on the album is the opening for this one.To bad we dont get to hear it to much. It ends kind of odd but that just adds to it. Second best song on the album is another good thrasher Hook in Mouth. Good fast song that starts with just drum and bass. Again Dave wasnt exactly poetic on this album as we can see with his lyrics here. But it doesnt really detract from the song itself.

Well that certainly was a trip, now wasnt it? Probably the most interesting Deth album out there. Even if you dont like it you cant say its boring atleast.
All in all, if your a fan of Megadeth, thrash, speed, or power metal... get this. It'll certainly make for an eventful listen.