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Almost a top 3 album - 88%

morbert, June 1st, 2007

From their first 4 albums, this is my least favorite one. But then again, it beats everything Megadeth has done since 1992. So what is it that I find lacking on 'So Far, So Good, So what'? Three things.

First of all lack of speed on some songs. Megadeth of course has never released an album that was fast from start to finish. But for some reason it find 'So Far…’to be lacking some thrashing speed at times it needed some. There is some uptempo work on 'Into The Lungs Of Hell', 'Set The World Afire', 'Liar' and '502' but not as close as the tempo we were used to from 'Black Friday' or 'Rattlehead' where fast tempo was combined with some excellent high tech riffing.
Secondly the short length of the album and the presence of a cover to fill some space. I do like this version of 'Anarchy in the U.K.' but its place on the album gives the continuity a strange feeling, I would have liked it more if it had been the last song. Instead I would have prefered an original song though. Now we were left with only 7 new Deth songs. Thirdly the drums. I find Chuck Behlers performance quite one dimensional and uninspiring in the same way that I found Bill Andrews to be a dull drummer when he played in Death.

Okay, what makes it their fourth best album then? Simply some high quality thrash and speedmetal songs. The riffs and melodies of ‘Into The Lungs Of Hell’ are superb and belong to the best on the album. What a great way to open the album with this marvellous instrumental. ‘Set The World Afire’ is with ease the best song here and could have come straight from ‘Peace Sells’. ‘In My Darkest Hour’ is a good powerballad with nice dynamics and quite a decent vocal performance by Mustaine. Another one of my favorites is closing song ‘Hook In Mouth’ which is mostly upbeat pounding thrash and has some of the albums best riffs, a cathcy vocal line and by far the best chorus of the album (One of Deths best chorusses ever even!)