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HOOK! IN! MOUTH! - 89%

Wra1th1s, May 9th, 2008

Ah, So Far So Good So What?, an album that is overshadowed by its more illustrious predecessor and its even more illustrious successor. Don't get me wrong, I like them both but this album is just as good. It may not have Friedman, Poland, Samuelson or Menza but that doesn't mean the drummer or guitarist is bad. Jeff Young's leads are quite unique but he doesn't play leads often. Behler is actually a very solid drummer though lacks the wow factor that Samuelson had.

The production is an improvement over the last one, the instruments are much clearer though Junior's bass is a little more buried. The guitars are brought forward and with a kick-ass tone to boot. The drums are a MUCH clearer than before and Behler actually does a great performance on some songs. Mustaine's vox sound very different, especially on "Set the World Afire," it sounds like he's hoarse.

Most of the songs are awesome, but oftentimes it's not very thrashy. Case in point the opener, "Into The Lungs of Hell." Perhaps the finest speed metal song Mustaine ever wrote. It's just solo after solo after solo while the drums are total Maiden worship. "Mary Jane" needs a special mention, a very strange song that Mustaine probably wrote while on acid. It's an effective little cruncher about some sort of witch/ghost. While songs like "Set the World Afire," "502," and "HOOK! IN! MOUTH!" should keep speed freaks happy. "Liar" as you all know is Mustaine's 'very mature' response to Poland hocking off his guitars, the lyrics leave much to be desired but the instrumentation outweighs the immaturity. "In My Darkest Hour" is Mustaine's bye-bye to old buddy Burton, although the lyrics are about lovers (I'm not saying anything!). "Anarchy in the UK" is a thrashed up version of a Pistols classic and I'm rather fond of it too, incidentally it's the last cover Megadeth has done.

Overall, this album is worthy of the name Megadeth. Seeing as it's not as insipid as what they would make later on. The songs are pretty good but it's kind of a mixed bag. The re-release has different solos in some songs (or so I'm told,) and has some Paul Lani mixes of certain songs.

Get it? Sure, why not? It's a great album that's trapped between two other great albums.