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A highly underrated speed/thrash classic - 85%

UltraBoris, August 11th, 2002

I actually enjoy this album even more than the predecessor, because it's a speed-thrash album, as opposed to a straight-up thrash album... some of the melody ideas that were developing on the past two albums come up at their finest here. A lot of people consider this one a throwaway album, but it's actually quite excellent.

Opening the album is Into the Lungs of Hell - a classic speed-metal instrumental introduction in the vein of the Ides of March, but 1000x as heavy. Next is Set the World Afire, which is a nice thrasher with some great time changes, and is also overall catchy as fuck. Other highlights include the insanely fast "Hook in Mouth", the well-done somewhat balladic "In my Darkest Hour", and "Mary Jane", which is theoretically not an ode to ganja, but rather about a ghost that Dave Mustaine sees... (while on an LSD trip, no doubt.) Tripped out as he is, he manages to play one Hell of a guitar solo - one of Megadeth's best ever.

There really are no throwaway tracks, and so many thrash and speed highlights. The cover song, Anarchy in the UK, is made into a total thrasher, and Liar has a middle section that precedes Exodus's "Verbal Razors" (and also runs circles around that song). This album is highly worth getting, and is definitely one of Megadeth's best.