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Rather kickass, actually. - 86%

Nightcrawler, October 23rd, 2004

The third studio release from Megadeth is quite a kick in the nuts, although generally disregarded as the weakest of the classic Megadeth era. But up to "Rust In Peace", I think everything they did was pretty fucking solid - though I have yet to hear all of "Killing Is My Business" (or anything after it aside from "The System Has Failed").

"So Far, So Good... So What!" is a good slab of melodic speed/thrash with tons of catchy hooks and memorable riffs everywhere, and although Dave Mustaine was constantly fucked up during this time, you can tell he had a blast writing and playing these songs. His enjoyment in making the music he loved really goes through to the music, while still sounding just as pissed as is classic Megadeth's trademark. "The pain, the pain, the pain, won't you hold me again? You just laughed, ha ha... bitch!" Random angry outbursts = Krieg. Another example is "You... you.. you fucking liar!!!!"

This release is alot more melodic than the previous effort, "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying", and in my opinion almost as good. And there's more variety on this one than many 80s thrash albums. We have the opening ownage of the melodic, almost power metal intro of "Into The Lungs of Hell" blasting into "Set The World Afire", a raging thrasher with varying tempos and tons of riffs.
Then we have the quick slab of stripped-down thrash called "502", which is a song about just hitting the highway and driving fast, and is one of my favourite tracks on here. "Mary Jane" is very melodic and goes through a ton of changes and has a great overall mood, and peaks at that monstrous ending section with the dueling vocal lines and guitar solos.
And also something completely different in "In My Darkest Hour", a midpaced balladic song with huge emotion in it and nice driving riffage to go along with it, and that excellent speeding up towards the end kicks ass.

All the songs on here are really good though, not a downer among 'em, even the cover of "Anarchy In The U.K." is really well done and damn catchy, although I prefer Mötley Crües version of the song.
"So Far, So Good... So What" is another essential Megadeth album, and the remaster features some fun liner notes and interesting old mixes of some songs, plus kickass sound quality - which from what I've been told wasn't the best on the original album. Yeah, get this.