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Seems I'm the only one... - 80%

cyclone, November 7th, 2004

Yeah, I'm giving Rust In Peace a 80%. No matter how I try, I just can't adore this album. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad - not at all, but it just doesn't work for me. It's not as fucking heavy, speedy, menacing and all-in-all just amazing as Peace Sells..., or melodic, catchy and interesting as let's say Countdown To Extinction. It's something in the middle and that seems to be the mistake. The songs tend to be a bit boring... There almost aren't any really memorable riffs. And that's not good. The sound of the record is alright. It's crystal clear and stuff, all of the instruments are well audible, just the guitar tone should be a bit more crushing. Well, as you guys already said, the guitars themselves are cool. Friedman is an awesome guitar player and also Dave delivers some cool leads and ideas. But then there's riffs. Sure, there are some awesome riffs, but overall, the riffs are not really memorable, but the main problem is, that they aren't heavy, but they aren't that catchy either. Drums on RIP are very good, some nice fills and great rhythms to the songs. Dave Ellefson does a good job here, he has some nice bass lines and he also helps to create those good rhythms with Menza. Dave's vocals aren't exactly the best thing ever, but he does quite well on other records. He still is really angry on here, and that's cool, but the vocals are sometimes weird and a bit sucky. The cover art is, as is always the case for Megadeth, excellent.

Well, there are some definitive highlights on here. For example Lucretia. The best on RIP. An AWESOME intro riff, some of the best stuff ever heard. It's also very well developed, Dave's vocals are cool on here. The song also has a nice atmosphere. Also a really nice solo pulled off on here.

Well, the good stuff seems to come in packages. So, the next song, Tornado Of Souls is also very nice. Again a great intro which developes into a nice thrasher with a great, catchy chorus.

Hangar 18 is also worth mentioning, since it's a nice song. Really melodic, and great guitar work.

Poison Was The Cure is hyper fast. And that's cool.

Holy Wars is good, I like that acoustic part in the middle.

The other songs are decent, except for Dawn Patrol which sucks. Don't really know, why it's on here.

Rust In Peace isn't a bad album. It's a good Megadeth effort, definitely the most technical one, has good ideas, and is really well developed on some places, but it's also un-memorable. That's the main problem. Get it anyway, it's a thrash classic.