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Rust In Greatness - 98%

Janssen, February 28th, 2004

Rust In Peace, Megadeth's fourth album and without a doubt, their finest hour. After the So Far So Good Lineup began to faulter, Dave believed it was time again to reform the band, this time bringing in guitar veteran Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza who would stay with the band until 1997 and 1999. Rust In Peace is one of the finest album's in metal history and among the best thrash albums ever made. Released in 1990 it is also one of the very last thrash classics before alternative took over the music industry and thrash went to the underground. This album is among the top of 1990 along with Judas Priest's “Painkiller” and Slayer's “Seasons In The abyss” but Rust In Piece manages to surpass them all.

Rust In Peace opens with one of the album time best metal songs ever, “Holy Wars... The Punishment Due” This song opens with one of the best and almost complex openers and turns into one of the best thrash epics ever made. Amazing riffs aplenty throughout the song and amazing solos. Dave Mustaine's vocals are powerful during this song and the lyrics are well written for Megadeth. Although this song is technically two songs put together you won't notice unless you read the lyrics as they are split into two different sections and themes. The song ends on a highnote building up and then just ends in a flash.

Hanger 18 is yet another immediate classic and favourite. The album opens with a great riff and stays at a good pace for the first minute. Dave Mustaine gives some good vocals talking about Area 51 and government conspiracy's, but just when you think the song wasn't good enough already you get treated to some amazing solos. It than goes back to one last verse of singing which quickly goes back into the guitar duel between Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman. Each solo seems more amazing than the last and continue to build and build up. The song never gets weak either.

Take no Prisoners is an all out thrasher of a song and is just as great as the rest of the songs on here despite what others might tell you. The riffs are all great and played the way they are in this song, they sound even better. The song has many fast and short starts and stops with quick guitar playing put in between which gives the song even more power. The song's lyrics are about WW2 and are a bit confusing to read. Dave does a good job at singing them but at times sounds a bit like he is ranting like on previous albums.

Five Magics, just like the previous songs, is a classic and another amazing song. It opens sort of quiet with a guitar intro which after two minutes turns into an all out thrash song. Nothing but solid riffs and solos from here on in. The song kicks your ass the entire time and ends more than perfect, it ends with an amazing solo which has got to be one of the best ever played by anyone.

Poison was the cure is a short but fast thrasher which again has some solid playing but seems to fall short compared the songs before it, it is by no means a bad song, it is actually very great. The riffs and lead are great during the entire course of the song. At only 3 minutes long the song speeds by and seems to end a bit to short.

Lucretia is commonly listed as the worst song on here and maybe it is. The song is definitely not as fast paced as the other songs on here and seems to sound a bit generic at parts. It is actually still a good song though, the riff is good and Dave Mustaine gives some decent vocals during the song.

Tornado of Souls is most peoples favourite song by them or on this album. I really don't see why, it is a great song the riff is excellent the solo is amazing but to me it doesn't feel like Megadeth and just doesn't seem as well done as the other songs on this album or the previous. Also on this track Dave's vocals seem a bit weaker and I think they sound a bit more like his vocals on the latter albums.

Dawn Patrol is not really a complete song, more of an intro for the following track. Many people don't like the song and dismiss it as filler or boring but in my opinion it is an excellent intro. It contains no guitar though, just a repeated bassline which isn't as bad as it sounds. The lyrics are sung really low, gloomy and the lyrics seem to talk about life after a nuclear war.

Rust In Peace..Polaris is the albums title track and closing song. The previous track somewhat opens for this song but this song needs no extra intro. The intro the song itself has completely destroys many others, it is a fast and technical opening which opens up for one of the godliest riffs in history. The song stays great during its entire time with a good chorus and a great ending for the album. The lyrics cover the topic of nuclear war and this time even mentions the Polaris missile. Dave also gives a good vocal performance once again. This song is definitely a great song to close an album of this power and strength.

The production is handled by Guns n Roses producer, Mike Clink who does a a good job. He let the band play how they wanted and assisted them where they needed guiding. The sound of the production is a complaint from some and applauded by some. I stand in the middle, the guitars on past albums were produced very chaotic but had a very good punch and a good raw sound, the guitars on Rust In Peace are produced with good power but the raw sound is gone. I still like the guitar sound though. Also on previous albums the drums (barring So Far So Good So What) the drums had a good sound to them but here on Rust In Piece they are mixed very weak but at the same time the treble on them is a bit overpowering and distracting from the guitars. The bass on this album is much like the previous ones, it does not get much attention just like on most thrash albums. The vocals are mixed very well to give them the right power they need.

Rust In Peace carries very few flaws if any and is without a doubt a classic. Unfortunately the band would never surpass this especially with the direction they took immediately after. Dave Mustaine always want to out show Metallica which they always did but following Metallica into the mainstream was not a very good idea. Although they still did out do them in everything but $$$. This album is very essential to any metalhead and to anyone looking into metal. If you are a newb make sure you look into their previous 3 albums as well.