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Safe in the eye of the tornado - 86%

CrystalMountain, January 1st, 2005

I can't say I've ever been much of a Megadeth fan, their first few albums are decent, and their newer stuff is just plan horrible. Somewhere in the middle of all that lies Rust in Peace. Not quite thrash, not quite speed, a bit of both, with a huge chunk of melody and technical riffs galore. The guitar sound on this album is pretty cool, it reminds me alot of the production job on Painkiller(musically similar too I guess). The drumming is solid and has a nice sound, the bass is prominent in most songs but sometimes gets buried. And the vocals...Well, umm...Yeah....Dave has never been known for his singing ability, so we won't go there.

The album delivers a mean 1, 2 punch with Holy Wars and Hangar 18. Holy Wars has tons of tempo changes and some awesome melodic soloing. Hangar 18 is a speed metal rocker, with an infectious main riff and dueling leads, Dave manages to sound pretty decent on this one too. Take No Prisoners is ruined by those stupid gang vocals, bad idea. Five Magics has a nice creepy atmosphere at first, then comes in with a mean thrash verse riff, the weird vocals kinda hurt this song too but not that much.

Poison Was the Cure is fast and too the point, a balls to the wall rocker. Simple but effective, and squeezes in a nice solo at the very end. Lucretia has some wicked riff to start the song off, and some thrashy verses, another great solo. Then comes Tornado of Souls, the best track on the album by far. Some really awesome riffing found all throughout the song, and a really catchy chorus make this an essential metal song. And good god, that solo! THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A FAST YET MELODIC SOLO! Skip the song forward to 3:10 to see what I'm talking about, I mean jesus christ man, best solo ever.

Dawn Patrol is kinda pointless, but it's not to the point of being annoying. Rust in Peace....Polaris closes the album off. Some more dumb vocal effects used in the first half of the song, it's not bad, but kinda detracts from the song. The second half is much better, some intense riffing closes off the album.

All in all, it's a little over-hyped, but there's no doubt it's a great album. And one I think everyone should own.