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Thrash Perfection. - 100%

1234SLAYER1234, March 11th, 2012

This album is the definition of a masterpiece. It is Megadeth's finest hour, in my opinion. This is where Megadeth really took off for me. They had a fantastic start with Killing is my Business, followed by two more brilliant albums, but with Rust in Peace the quality of music hit the roof. There are NO weak tracks on this album whatsoever.

The line-up on this album is incredibly tight with Dave Mustaine's usual brilliant songwriting abilities combined with the excellent guitar playing of Marty Friedmen. The drumming on this album is also very solid and don’t overpower the music. The bass on this album has a great sound and has its moments as in, for example, "Take No Prisoners".

The production on this album is superb with everything crystal clear. All the instruments are perfect and no instrument is left out. The bass sound is very clear and cuts through the other instruments nicely (but don’t overpower anything). This level of virtuoso guitar playing on this album is superb. There are mind-blowing solos ("Tornado of Souls", for example). I have always admired Dave Mustaine's ability to sing and play such technical guitar tracks. The highlights of the musicianship for me are the solos. The solos are brilliant, melodic, and not just random shredding.

Every song on this album is superb, and even the laid back Dawn Patrol is effective. The mood created on this album is brilliant and very consistent. Overall, this album is plain brilliant and is simply perfect. This is Megadeth's finest hour in my opinion, a true highlight of the thrash genre. All of the tracks are brilliant, but for me the standouts would be "Tornado of Souls", "Holy Wars", "Hangar 18", and "Take no Prisoners". 100/100