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I'll buy! - 88%

rogo, October 24th, 2004

Despite this being an early thrash release (so follows an unofficial tradition and is only about 40 minutes long), Peace Sells can certainly be ranked very highly in the tons of Megadeth albums that have emerged since Dave Mustaine hilariously fell out with James Hetfield in 1983. I can't believe they still hate each other today, they're grown men for chrissakes!

On to the album itself; in a word, it rocks. It really does. Chris Poland and to a lesser extent Mustaine play the best guitar of their lives on this record; solos on "Devils Island" and "Wake up Dead" prove this point. In the 'Deth's earrlier stuff, Mustaine tended to let the lead guitarist do the majority of the solos, but as time went on the his skills on the instrument far surpassed Hetfield's, so Mustaine did most of the work on the later albums, especially the 2004 release, "The System Has Failed".

STAND OUT TRACKS: I absolutely love the eerie intro of "The Conjuring", and the rest of the song backs that up perfectly, with classic riff trade-offs between the lead guitarists.
"Good Mourning/Black Friday" begins in a fairly evil sunding fashion (for Megadeth anyway) and gradually prograsses over 6 and a half minutes into a true thash classic, with multiple riffs and, annyoingly to a degree, Mustaine's vocals over almost all of these riffs...
But my overall faveourite on this album is probably "Wake Up Dead". It has a mindblowing riff some way into the song that you can't stop yourself from headbanging to. Accompany that with arguably Poland's best solo on the album, great drumming from the late Gar Samuelson, and not too many vocals from Dave, this creates in total one hell of a song.

So this isn't quite as good as Metallica's albums at this time, but it definitely establishes Megadeth as one of the aptly names thrash "big 4".