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I'm out to destroy you and I will cut you down. - 98%

morbert, May 25th, 2007

I'm going to keep it simple here. There were a few flaws on the already godly 'Killing is my business' that were improved on 'Peace Sells', making this the ultimate Megadeth album. First of all the production. Whereas 'Killing...' didn't really have a bad sound, it wasn't actually heavy. 'Peace Sells' is. Secondly the midtempo material is better this time.

As before, diversity is the key to this album, ranging from midtempo metal to uptempo thrashing madness. Poland and Mustaine fill up the gaps with some excellent leads and licks. 'Wake Up Dead' is good example. The earlier heavy metalish approach had definately been replaced by midtempo thrashing riffs. The songs chanced pace every now and then, increasing the tension of the compositions.

Another classic and probably the best song written in Megadeth history, is the titletrack. Starting with a superb bass intro, it evolves into a really badass midtempo pounder with excellent catchy lyrics. The finishing touch is the way the song works itself to a mighty climax the song deserves. 'Devil's Island' is pounding thrash, intensifying after two minutes with a riff that could've come straight from 'Killing is My Business'. Another highlight is the mighty thrasher 'Black Friday'. You can say whatever you want, Megadeth riffs on uptempo songs are supreme. The way ‘Bad Omen’ stops before plunging into the uptempo solo section, marvellous!

By the way, what about that riping Mustaine riff on 'My Last words'? The increase in tempo at the end of the song with a solo and consequently plunging into that last melodic song-a-long speed metal verse is once again a highlight on the album and a great way to end this classic.

The only thing I can think of for not giving them 100 points is 'I Ain't Superstituous'