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Classic 'Deth! - 94%

cyclone, November 8th, 2004

Excellent. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying is second Megadeth album and it's hella good for 1986. We all know, that Dave can make good albums. And he definitely made it this time. This is probably his best work. Classic thrash tunes, great, thrashy, fast guitar riffs, good vocal delivery, some of the best lyrics ever made. Yes, it's all here. No, it's not as raw as KIMB, it's not as developed as RIP and it's not that polished as Countdown, but who cares really? You can't go wrong with these tunes. All raw thrash or speed metal, no shit, just totally lethal killers.

Well, Dave didn't have Marty Friedman on this one yet, but he and Chris Poland still deliver some awesome leads. Riffs are pure 'Deth, good an inovative in every way. The voca performance is one of the best in Dave's career. He is angry and menacing as fuck and he doesn't have that annoying vocals as on some of their works. Ellefson delivers some good bass lines (see The Conjuring and Peace Sells) and has some good fills. Also one of his best performances. As Clanny said in one of his reviews, drums are drums. I already said, that the lyrics are great. Dave is really THE master of thrash lyrics. From politics, to Russian roulette. They're sarcastic, angry, and written in such a way, that your brain really start thinking about it. Just read the ones for My Last Words. The cover art is also really cool.

Well, the standouts on here are My Last Words and the title track. My Last Words is with no doubt one of the best songs ever written. Fast as fuck, catchy, great riffs, awesome lyrics, great singing. What else could I say?
Peace Sells is a bit slower but still achieves to be interesting and catchy. A real headbanger.

The rest of the song are all great thrash headbangers with Good Mourning/Black Friday and Devil's Island as a positive standout and Bad Omen as maybe the weakest track on here.

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying is a classic album. Get it, you won't be sorry.