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Peace Sells... & You Should Buy It! - 100%

Wacke, January 23rd, 2008

I'm a big fan of Megadeth, in fact, they are one of my top 3 favorite bands along with Dismember & Jane's Addiction. Released in 1986, "Peace Sells" wasn't just a thrash album, it happens to be a true masterpiece & my favorite Mega-album aswell as a top 10 favorite of all time.

The first song I ever heard from this album was the title track while I was playing "GTA: Vice City" & listened to the radio channel VROCK that's featured in that game. Before that I had heard some tracks from their classic 90's albums but I was hooked on "Peace Sells" when I heard it. I took myself the time to explore more of Megadeth & the whole thrash genre which also is the on that's most popular in my metal collection. When I finally got the whole "Peace Sells" album I was convinced, this was one of the best albums I had ever heard. All things were there, great riffs, solos, drumming & pretty good vocals that fits very well with the music. Instant classics outside the title track became "Wake Up Dead", "Devil's Island" & "The Conjuring" & even though these are pretty much the best tracks the others are still killers.

A thing all of you thrashers out there probably know is the lack of good production on metal bands debut albums in the 80's, Megadeth was one of those who got pretty bad production on their first 2 albums & a half-good production on their 3rd. Since "Peace Sells" was their 2nd it got a bad production, sure it's raw & it sounds thrash but it's still pretty damn bad as some of the guitar solos are cuttin' right through your head. I must say though, the production doesn't really drag these songs down in the dirt but it might be a little annoying sometimes.

The cast are doing a great job, even though they probably was both drunk & on drugs while recording. In fact, this was my favorite Mega-line up of all time. Dave Mustaine is Dave Mustaine, there's nothin' to say about the guy except that his godalike with his guitar work. 2nd guitarist Chris Poland does a fantastic job on this one with screamin' solos that you'll love until the day you die. In the backing section we got the classic bassist David Ellefson which as usual are great & the drummer Gar Samuelson (R.I.P.) who's a big influence for me as a drummer myself.

The best tracks from this album are without a doubt "Peace Sells", "Wake Up Dead" & "Devil's Island" & the worst is the blues cover called "I Ain't Superstitous" even though that one is funny & pretty good aswell. The rest of the tracks are great & too good to be fillers but not better than those 3 I mentioned up there.

So all I can say now is that if You like great Metal with a lot of attitude, quality & work behind it then this is the ultimate album for you, even though the production is pretty bad. You could check out the remastered version of "Peace Sells", it got a better sound than the original but at the same time it's more of a remix album too so I still sugest the original.

Peace Sells... & many people WILL buy it from Megadeth!