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I'll be the first in line! - 100%

ShadeOfDarkness, December 18th, 2008

This album is one of my all time favourite thrash albums. Along with Master Of Puppets, I don’t think you could get better thrash ever!

This is Megadeth’s second full-length album, and is a lot better than the first. Not to say that the first one was bad, but it lacked the spirit, which made this album better. In KIMB, it was only anger. It was about trying to play as fast as possible on the guitar and stuff. However, this time around, we get more controlled anger.

So let’s start with Dave’s awesome vocals. He sounds great on this record. He still screams a lot like on KIMB, but his screams are more controlled here. That is what made this album a lot better. He actually sings a lot on this album I would say. In “Good morning, Black Friday” he sings in the verses. It is only in the intro he speaks and then screams like hell. I think he does an amazing job in “Good morning, Black Friday”, and I would say the same for “Peace sells” even though he speaks a lot in it.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard better guitar playing than on this record. Rust In Peace is the only album that I can maybe compare to it. Just an example is the riffs and the solos in “Wake Up Dead”. In this song, he uses his Spider Chord riff, which he invented while he was playing in Metallica, but he changed it a little when he used it in “Wake Up Dead”. The solo in that song is one of the sickest solos I’ve ever heard. It gives me shivers down my spine when I hear it. If you want to be an expert guitar player, you aren’t until you can play all these songs perfectly! Dave is the best guitar player I’ve ever heard.

The drumming is fucking good as well. I will have to say that I like Nick Menza more, but that’s just me. This guy can really put up with some great drumming as well. You can definitely hear this in “Good Morning, Black Friday”. He plays like he needs to run out of hell! Yeah, it’s sickening! Very nice drumming in overall.

Dave Ellefson, is one hell of a bass player. He plays like a pro, and I like him better than both Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted. The bass playing in “Peace Sells” must be one of the best songs on bass I’ve ever heard. “Devil’s Island” has got some great bass playing too, not to mention “Good morning, Black Friday”, which is one of my all time favourite thrash songs.

Overall, this is an awesome record that everyone who likes metal must listen to. You cannot call yourself a true metal fan if you don’t listen to this. It is one of the best thrashers of all time, and always will be. So if you haven’t heard this album, then you’re no fucking metal fan!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed that video on youtube where Lars Ulrich says he actually liked this record when it came out, then go check it out!