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Paint the devil on the wall! - 87%

Nightcrawler, November 27th, 2004

"Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" A classic of thrash metal of course, and a legendary sophomore from one of the biggest thrash bands, back in the day when they were truly Thrash with a capital T. With some of the heaviest riffs they ever did, they rage away furiously, and the remaster sounds absolutely devastating - now I haven't heard the original, but since Dave wasted all their production cash on heroin and other fun substances, I can't imagine it sounds too good. But whatever, the one I've got sounds brilliant.

The fast, heavy and generally quite technical riff-style of classic Megadeth is ever present, and combined with alot of melodic elements infused perfectly into the riffs, this turns into a thrash album which doesn't sound very much like anything else, and is definitely a must-have for any thrasher.
Songs like "The Conjuring", for example, have riffs that fit into the thrash category, but that are very technical and melodic. That one and "Bad Omen" especially have very jumpy and unusual riffs that are executed very well.

Opening tack "Wake Up Dead" is pretty interesting as well, with a whole bunch of catchy riffs and quite few vocal parts.

The most standard thrash song on here is "Black Friday", which is also one of the best Megadeth songs ever. Mainly single-note riffs demolish everything here, combined with the odd but lethal vocals in classic early Mustaine style. Top that off with the crazy soloing of Mustaine/Poland and you have one hell of a thrasher. "Devil's Island" with it's galloping riffs is also in a more standard thrash vein, but rages away excellently just as well.

For other highlights, we have of course the classic "Peace Sells", with it's quite simplistic but oh so fucking catchy beginning - the lyrics are as classic as it gets, and with hard-hitting midpaced power chords the song is fit for headbanging. Then Dave does another of those classic Megadeth-styled fast and difficult melodic riffs building the song up to a climax and an excellent finish.

And then of course, we mustn't forget the closer "My Last Words". The clean guitar and bass intro build up a very nice atmosphere, and goes into another one of Megadeth's best songs. The main riff is about as cool as that of "Tornado of Souls". It's technical, but unlike the technical shit of prog bands, this is also fucking cool and catchy. Combined with more simple power chords during the fast paced verses we have an awesome set of riffs backed up by excellent driving bass work and insanely catchy, dramatic vocals.
The atmosphere builds more with every second, feeling as the main character (or whatever you wanna call it) in the song gets closer to dying from a thrilling game of russian roulette. The song is later perfected into the dark, sinister breakdown ("Does anybody play!?") and the amazing riff/solo section that follows it. Probably the best Megadeth song ever. It's either this or "Tornado of Souls".

But there really isn't a bad song on here. Dave Mustaine and Megadeth had their very own brand of thrash metal, and he's always done his thing, which he needs respect for. And since he doesn't really follow any standards and does what he wants, a few moments here and there sound a bit "off", but he quickly redeems himself constantly, and all in all, this is an essential thrash masterpiece, though most of you probably know this already.