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Megadeth, Mega-good! - 95%

Hark_The_Dead, November 15th, 2004

If Dave Mustaine would have never been kicked out of Metallica, we would have never seen this amazing band put together, and this thrash classic would have never been released. As most should be able to admit, even if not a fan of his work Dave Mustaine is a terrific guitarist. He combines mind-blowing speed with melodic-induced rhythm guitar that comes together perfectly. I also think that fans of him should be able to admit Megadeth hasn't been the most reliable with good, strong releases. However, that's exactly what this CD is.

Although short, this CD is well worth the money, and its probably my favorite of Megadeth's. Some of the songs are long, and have numerous rhythm changes in them that keep you from being completely bored with the same old guitar part going over and over again. The riffs are brilliant on every song, and Dave and Chris Poland do some exceptionally neat lead work together. One thing i never was too found of about Megadeth was the lyrics. Some of the lyrics in Megadeth's stuff was just downright stupid, and quite terrible in quality. This album is an exception in every way imaginable, for this is easily the best vocal work and lyrical work he has ever done, and ever will do. He expresses the mindset of people that listen to his music: angry. Angry at the world, angry at the system, just mean and nasty. The lyrics are nasty, violent, and coming from a man who's just pissed off at the system. Take "Peace Sells" for example. That song is the way I have been feeling all my life, and its just a great fucking anthem for everyone out there.

I think the only track i wasn't taking all that well was "I Ain't Superstitious." Its alright how he tried to do something different with this track, but i just thought the lyrics were bad, and the vocals were kind of annoying on this one. The only part i really dug on that song was the guitar riff, how it was so heavy and yet bluesy at the same time. Standouts are "Good Mourning/Black Friday" and my favorite, "My Last Words." The last song, "My Last Words," is just crazy as fuck. Its perfect from its beginning to its end.

I didnt like them as much as Metallica at the time, for i enjoyed MASTER OF PUPPETS more but this was still a fucking great album. Any fan of thrash who doesnt already have this needs to pick it up as soon as possible and ask themselves that burning question......

Peace Sells.....But Who's Buying?